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Troy Dyer, Worship Leader 

Troy is a dedicated servant of Jesus Christ, a widely talented musician, and the youngest son of Pastor Art Dyer.

Having an aptitude and passion for music, he has been composing, practicing, listening to, analyzing, thinking about, making, and generally enjoying music from an early age (for full details see his parents, or his wife, or the in-laws, but try not to ask any of them about how many hours he has practiced the drums unreasonably loud). He has tried to be a good steward of the generous gifts that God has given, and all the glory goes to Him!

Troy has been leading worship at Grace Covenant Church for over 10 years now. While it has been great fun, and the “Dyer Family Band” is awesome, he had to learn how to lead worship on his own. Though Pastor Art made several attempts to find a formal teacher for Troy, the plans always fell through at the last minute.

Consequently, God has been his teacher. He has been bringing about fruit in Troy’s life to His glory, and this new wine would not be possible with the old wine skins. Praise God!
        I have more understanding than all my teachers,
        For Your testimonies are my meditation... 
        I have not departed from Your judgments,
        For You Yourself have taught me.
              —Psalm 119

[Read Troy's philosophy of worship.]

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